Hi, I am Raphael.

This is the page where you can find out all about me and the things I am working on. Don't mind the nerdy touch.

If you are fond of the terminal, you can find out more about me by using it with the common unix commands. (Let me know it I am missing some through the contact form!)

Else you can check out what my site has to offer down below ↓

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// Drop me a line! //

You want to talk to me?

If you have any questions regarding this site or some of my work or even just want to have a nice conversation you can hit me up through the contact form.

Else If you want to suggest something for this site feel free to open an issue or a pull request on GitHub here.

Else I don't know what could possibly be of interest on this part of the page. (The only reason I haven't stopped talking yet is that this space needs to be filled, otherwise the contact form looks so deserted)